You can step back in my studio #355 of the ICB building! We are opening our doors to the public. 

May 1-2 and 8-9 From 11am to 6pm

Our community of artists could not be more excited to welcome you back in our spaces to experience art in person!

Let's step out away from the virtual world for a moment and get real! 

Visit my Studio #355 on the 3rd floor where I will have many pieces of art , from large paintings to small ones , work on canvas but also on paper as well as my mix media work! Do not miss this event! 

The best art experience...

I am here to offer you the best Art experience as nothing compares to seeing art in real and falling in love! It is the magic of Art!


A safe experience

Step back in and Experience Art in real...

Studio # 355 is on the 3rd floor of the ICB Building just at the top of the stairs. Covid protocols will be in place, so please come with your masks !

Studio feet.HEIC