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Artist Statement

Marine Strage-2-ZF-1986-80366-1-001-005.

My mission is to explore the relationship between what we see around us and what we experience internally. My work is about translating perceptual states into visual language.


I am particularly interested in creating atmospheres that awake our sense of wholeness. I use blurring effects and expansive fields of colors as well as vibrating and dissolving light to evoke energy and interconnectivity.


I draw my inspiration from the many landscapes I have encountered, from the windswept coast of Brittany, where I spent my childhood, to the radiant vistas of California, where I now live. I start with my memories of colors and atmosphere. I then let the process guide me to create an image that links my memories with the present moment to capture "the now." My intention is to encourage the observer to ponder what he or she is looking at.


The circle is one of my favorite “visual words.” I use it often because it's a shape charged with many universal symbols, ranging from its simple geometry to the idea of planets or individuality. 


My process involves drawing with charcoals, painting with a range of media (watercolor, acrylic and oil paint), and taking digital photography. I navigate between pouring, dripping, veiling and glazing techniques and also play with dynamic brushstrokes. 


Throughout my life I have been strongly influenced by painters with an interest in light and atmosphere, such as J.M.W Turner, by artists from the color field movement, like Mark Rothko, and by Liane Collot d’Herbois' work on light, darkness and color. 


 With my Art, I aim to spark a connection between our inner lives and the outside world to create further awareness of our nature. 

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