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Meditations on Water


Blue and green have always been familiar colors to me. Born near the sea, I enjoyed looking at the ocean and the movement of the waves and the light piercing the clouds to reflect on the water.

From the cobalt blue of the sky, the ultramarine and indigo to nuances of turquoise, the palette of blues is infinite. Blue is perfect to create atmosphere and I want to spread it in fields rather than contain it in a form.

Blue is for sure a meditative color to me and invites serenity.

Blue comes in front of the darkness; it shines its light, crisp and transparent; it awakens our consciousness.

This series of paintings invites one to dream and reflect on Nature, and on oneself…It is the perfect color to explore the idea of inner-outer landscapes.

Glaz is a particular hue that we name in Britanny.  It is the color of the sea when the weather is storm. When the weather is foggy here in the Bay the color of the water reminds me of that Glaz color. 

Yellow flash - 15x12 - Acrylic on board

Residence in France- Acrylic on canvas 60x40