© 2019 Marine Strage

Mandalas séries- SOLD

My mandalas series is made of circle acrylic paintings on paper framed in white square frames. They are a symbolic representation of the universe and the cosmos but also of our inner world. Whereas traditional Buddhist mandalas use geometric patterns to symbolize the universe, I chose to do the opposite and work on a variety of lines movements intersecting each other’s, with no pattern. It is for me like circles of life, chaos within the world, illustrating the individuality of movement and diversity of beings. It is a disruptive response to mandalas as if our world and universe were accelerating and breaking these ancient constructed patterns to create new ones.
It is a way to free the expression within a closed geometric form, the circle, which is also symbol of repetition, multiplicity and form for every cell of the being> I intented to create a series that aims at liberating energies, with raw and spontaneous gestures.


Acrylic on paper 20x20