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In this new series of paintings, I explore the concept of the wealth of nature and culture. The meeting and contrast of natural elements like gold, iron, and copper, which are naturally rich and their transformation into minerals for technology and culture, where they gain even more value, is the central theme of my work. Iron, copper, and steel are used in construction, architecture, and high-tech industries, making them essential to our modern world.


I also explore the idea of the resilience of nature, as seen in the survival of trees and plants in arid lands. For example, in the Santa Fe desert, trees survive and become strong, despite the harsh conditions. This resilience is a testament to the power of nature and its ability to adapt and thrive.


My palette and style are inspired by natural earthy elements. I use abstract expressionism, with the superimposition of architectural elements or technological references. I create a lot of texture to express the raw quality and contrast with flat technological aspects and lines. The warm palette I use is made of natural pigments and is inspired by natural earthy elements, which adds depth and richness to my work.


I hope that my artwork inspires you to appreciate the beauty of nature and its resilience, and to reflect on the relationship between nature and culture.

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