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I started the series of abstract paintings in the context of Covid and then the war in Ukraine .
These events triggered a feeling of chaos that resonated with me as an artist and how we all deal with this notion of chaos in some ways.
I asked myself: how does chaos operate and what can I do with it?

I am interested in expressing on canvas composition that show the tension between Nature and Culture. Humanity is in a state of order and chaos all the time.

I look at chaos as the beginning of the creative process: it is a necessary condition to initiate the process of self-organization.
As Pablo Picasso said “ Art is chaos taking shape”. 

Using free form, erratic shapes but also geometric shapes I create a space that feels more and more organized and peaceful , even harmonious. 
The erratic movements and forms are part of the balance as proven in the theory of opposites. 
Approaching the void is an elementary entity in the existence and probably the source of everything else. The void is an open system with several dimensions, with free forms. 
The visual composition of these paintings create this balance between this open system of free forms and space structure with forms that are known like the circles, squares, triangles and lines. 
These paintings look playful, intriguing and spiritual, referencing to Kandinsky and the importance of creating a visual language that transcend cultural and physical boundaries.
Some of the paintings deals with the idea that Nature is struggling now to keep its order and is disrupted by climate change and also human behavior.

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