© 2019 Marine Strage

Artist Statement 



My main mission is to explore the relationship between what we see around us and what we experience internally. It might be a certain light, a cloud, the movement of the water that I observe and lay down in an abstract form as an expression of a mood or emotion. My work is a mirror of the inner-life and a dialogue with the outside world.


My process involves painting on canvas with a range of media such as watercolor, acrylic, oil.


More recently the use of digital photography and printing has allowed me to push the boundaries of my creative practice.

I take dynamic photos, often close ups, of my paintings to produce new abstract landscapes. I then work on composition, playing with geometric shapes like circle, rectangle and square. Thanks to the flexibility of the digital process, my image isn’t restricted by a frame. I can choose the best composition for it and assemble several images to recreate a larger more complex landscape.


I draw my inspiration from the many landscapes that I have encountered, from the windswept coast of Brittany where I spent my childhood to the radiant vistas of California where I now live.

Throughout my painting life I have been strongly influenced by painters with an interest in light like J.W Turner and also by painters who belong to the color field movement such as Rothko and Barnett Newman.


With my Art, I offer a meditation on color, light and movement that awakens our sense of interconnectedness and reminds us that we are all part of Nature.