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How to get started on your own commission on 
Custom Oil paintings and Mix media Wall art Installations: 

Lets create a customized work of art for your home or office! Commission an Art piece is actually a fun process and SO rewarding ! See testimonials below!

Examples of Paintings commissions 

1- Defining your project.

Briefing session either via email, studio visit or appointment at your house

2- Agreement on the commission (size, medium, color palette, timeline, budget)

with a Deposit of a non refundable 30% of the price 

3- Creation of the commission piece

4- Presentation of the piece near completion and fine-tuning

5- Presentation of the finished piece in the studio

6- Additional services: Delivery of final piece  and framing

UCSF OAKLAND Children Hospital commission -through Chandra Cerrito consulting- Nov 2021

Staircase installation, Belvedere 2019
Greenbrae project November 2020

Client's testimonials

“I first viewed Marine Strage’s artwork up-close at an exhibition in Tiburon, where we both live. I was particularly struck by the dynamic movement in her landscapes of the sea, particularly (the work in the lobby at TPC). Her work contains a juxtaposition of intense emotion and peaceful resolve that really brings you into the painting and takes you to a different realm. I asked Marine to create a painting that represented the entity of new love that is at once beautifully raptures and painfully chaotic. I could not have been more happy with what she created. I now have it in a space that I can see it each day and I am often still mesmerized by how perfectly she portrayed the feelings I asked her to represent in the work I commissioned. It is utterly gorgeous and so moving. Marine is a very dear friend of mine but our relationship has just begun to grow when I asked her to make this art piece for me so I can honestly say that her work is so impressive. She is very conscientious about her work and is very passionate about colors and the emotions behind them.”

- K.V Prooven

"One of the joys in life is when something completely exceeds your expectations. On November 3rd, Marine dropped by a painting we had only seen online. I knew I liked it online but we love, love, love it in person.  


We wanted a white frame for the painting and Marine made all the arrangements to make it easy for us. White glove service!"


The painting is the first thing you see when you enter our master bedroom. It sets the stage for a happy, serene mood when you walk in the room. The painting is appropriately called, “New Horizons” for the hopeful feel it gives your home.

- L.Knauer

Thanks for your interest!

Additional info:

- commission are subject to an additional 20% compared to a same size work available and already made

- commission may take up to several months to be completed

-if the client changes their mind  the deposit may be used towards the purchase of an art work in the current Inventory

- framing, shipping, delivery and installing of the Art work are subject to additional costs 

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